FIX SQUEAKY FLOORS! offers true-tested products to help fix squeaky floors, creaking floors, squeaky carpeted and hardwood floors, and subfloor and stair squeaks. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased and installed these products to repair floor squeaks with success. So why are you still living with squeaky floors?

It's easy to help fix those squeaks once and for all! Just select the squeaky floor product that best fits your situation. It may take just one product or it may take all three to fix your squeaky floors. The next time a loud squeak annoys you, consider these products!

Counter Snap

to repair squeaky hardwood floors

Counter Snap will help repair squeaky hardwood floors and stairs. Each kit includes 30 screws, the Counter Snap fixture, a #2 recess square head driver, and instructions. It's amazing how something so simple can make such a difference in fixing squeaky hardwood floors!

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to fix squeaky subfloors

Squeak-Ender pulls the subfloor securely to the joist to help fix squeaks between the bottom side of the subfloor and the top of the floor joist. A hanger bolt fastens to the subfloor underside, a bracket slips over it and the joist, and the nut is tightened. So if you have access to the floor joist, Squeak-Ender can help repair floors that squeak!

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Repair subfloor squeaks with Squeakender, a squeaky subfloor repair kit.

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