E-2084-12 - 12 Pack - Squeak-Ender (to fix squeaky subfloors) http://www.mysqueakyfloors.com/media/ecom/prodsm/squeakenderx200.jpg Squeak-Ender (Squeakender), a squeaky subfloor repair kit, positively helps to eliminate squeaky floors in existing homes, new construction, and in mobile homes by pulling the subfloor securely to the joist to eliminate squeaks. Each package contains the necessary hardware for one installation. E-2084-12 99.95 MySqueakyFloors.com in stock http://www.mysqueakyfloors.com/Item/contractor-squeak-ender
E-2084-12 - 12 Pack - Squeak-Ender (to fix squeaky subfloors)
E-2084-12 - 12 Pack - Squeak-Ender (to fix squeaky subfloors)
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Squeak-Ender, also known as the Squeakender squeaky subfloor repair kit, has an unusual but effective design. Its main purpose is to pull the subfloor securely to the joist.

Squeak-Ender has two main parts: The first includes the hanger bolt which fastens to the underside of the subfloor against the joist with four provided screws. The second is a bracket that slips over the joist and the hanger bolt. Finally, install the washer and nut and tighten with a wrench until the squeaking stops. Be careful not to overtighten.

After testing the product, I have a couple of recommendations. You may want to consider a lock washer. Also, if you plan to finish the ceiling, notch the bottom of the joist to recess the joist bracket. This will help maintain a smooth surface for the later application of wallboard.

  • Pulls the sub-floor tight back against the joist.
  • Does not damage floor coverings...no need to rip up carpeting and vinyl.
  • For use with any thickness of sub-flooring and on most sub-floors and floorboards supported by joist up to 2 x 10's.
  • Great for both on-site construction and manufactured homes.
Basic Instructions

Basic instructions for Squeak-Ender:

  1. From the underside of the floor, locate the vicinity of the squeak. Insert the hanger bolt with head in concave of anchor plate. Position plate against joist.
  2. Screw anchor plate to floor, touching nearest joist in general area of squeak.
  3. Slip joist bracket over joist and hanger bolt.
  4. Install washer and hand tighten hex nut onto hanger bolt. Tighten nut with a wrench until squeaking stops. Avoid overtightening.

Basic instructions for Squeakender.

Squeak-Ender can be used on most subfloors and floorboards supported by joists up to 2x10s. It positively helps to eliminate squeaky floors in existing homes, new construction, and mobile homes.

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